Learn about the Chaff Cutter

※Could you buy a chaff cutter in a very low price?
In the current imperfect market management, users have to be raised consumer awareness of the situation, the price is the primary means of product competition, lower prices of products more competitive. However, there is a minimum price of any product over the minimum price, product defects can occur, and even product quality risks. Therefore, consumers choose chaff cutter products, to shop around, focused on the use of chaff cutter performance and security, must not be due to the low price just for the sake of security and neglect product performance.
※What is the chaff cutter productivity?
The product of productivity per hour Voltage cut the weight. Productivity is the key performance indicators chaff cutter is one of the main design parameters in mind, this indicator is the chaff cutter Voltage cut dry goods (15% moisture content) when the index. The higher production efficiency, cut explain Voltage per unit time the more weight items, while the greater power needed. The indicators are marked on the product label, consumers can purchase the actual situation according to their purchase.
※Why do we have special requirements on blade's thickness?
Chaff cutter hay cutter or sharp edge of the Voltage cut directly affect forage cutter effect. Sharp blade Voltage cut out the articles section of neat, the length of line Voltage cut a smooth, low power consumption, or Voltage from a tear-shaped items, the length of missing, or even wrapped around grass clogging, greater power consumption. Standards require that the edge thickness of not more than 0.2mm, while hay cutter material is generally 65Mn steel and heat treatment. The steel hardness, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, good toughness.

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