Quality Standard of Chaff Cutter

Feed entrance security
As components of feed machinery--chaff cutter: there must be protective device at the entrance. Capture by the feed roller chaff cutter material, the material delivered to the knife and fixed knife between the Voltage to achieve cutting of materials. If the person feeding roller arm grab that will result in injury to the arm. Therefore, the feed entrance security dimension L is the length of the human forearm determined. Most people around the forearm length of 400mm, it prevents the selected L ≥ 450mm Voltage cut fingers, to avoid causing personal injury. In terms of small forage cutter (E ≤ 0.4t / h), feeding the length of the entrance should be more than 3 times the width of the entrance feed. Feed safety in a meeting the other institutions, such as feeding the entrance with automatic feeding institutions can not limit the length of L. Now some manufacturers to reduce costs, ignoring the requirements of the standard, random reduce the size of the shield, or even simply no protective cover, causing the user finger, hand or arm Voltage cutting phenomena occur, for individuals and families irreparable loss. 

Protection of all moving parts
Moving parts must have a protective cover, for long-distance power transmission needs to take other protective measures. Chaff cutter motor or diesel engine by dragging the rotation speed, the operator from the machines at work, close, exposed rotating parts and drive components without the appropriate protective measures, easily harm the operator. Therefore, when consumers buy chaff cutter, be sure to purchase complete protection products. On the protection of any machinery parts, are not arbitrary demolition. If they are using the electric motor or diesel engine, complete with the original protective cover can not be used, must be reprovision the appropriate protective cover, so as to avoid self-harm.

Feeding roller and the clutch
E> 0.4t / h, the feeding institutions should clutch device. Feeding roller and clutch are chaff cutter essential structure, if the free will of the removed, will add significant risk to the user. Not been introduced into the feeding roller Voltage materials in order to rely on one hand to promote the material, in poor feeding, only to increase the power to promote the material, then particularly vulnerable to flash into the hand, arm in an accident caused by Voltage cut . Chaff cutter clutch is to ensure safety, designed for normal use, the Zaizha Cao during operation, the event of a material block, mixed materials by foreign bodies, the phenomena of sudden mechanical failure, the clutch stop immediately separated into the material, to Quebao the safety of personnel and equipment.

Connectors and relaxation device
Connected component must be high strength bolts, nuts. The mechanical properties of bolts should not be less than the standard provisions in 8.8, nuts should be no less than eight requirements, should also have a reliable anti -loose device. Chaff cutter blades Voltage cut materials in the process, under a lot of shear force, if the use of bolts and nuts for the common parts, prone to rupture, on the operators and equipment will produce great danger. Even with the bolt, nut, must have a reliable anti-loose device, to ensure the safety and reliability.

Safety Sign
Chassis and feed imported in significant parts of the shield should be a warning sign. That is feeding the entrance guard office, the spindle pulley guard office, the grass should be warning signs to the mouth, spindle pulley spindle rotation direction of Department should sign. Warning signs should comply with the provisions of GB10396. A full range of products only warning signs to remind users of the proper use of chaff cutter.

Other safety indicators
It should also note the following: the case should have locking devices, and solid and reliable; E ≥ 2.5t / h of chaff cutter, should be set automatically feeding agencies and overload protection device.
In summary, consumers purchase chaff cutter, the standards should be chosen to produce strictly according to the chaff cutter, so it will not jeopardize their personal safety. Can not just buy the machine when the price level should be based on the machine if it is safe to use, the reliability of internal and external quality of the machine to guide the selection. Only then can they maximize the product of abuse from inferior.

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