Grading Screener

Pellet Sifter

feed sifter

1) Gear-box adopts un-gear-drive type. There no need for lubrication which avoids oil leaking problem.
2) The tail support is Elasticity Support. It can max. reduce noise and increase grading performance.
3) The inner structure adopts Streamline Design which can avoid materials barrier problem and cross pollution.
4) The heavy frame and lengthen Elastic Plate can make sieve work more stably.
5) The structure of sieve is very simple and convenient. The sieve can be changed quickly.
6) There are Single-layer sieve, Two-layer sieve and Three-layer to be chosen by clients.
7) This machine is widely used in grading of pellets and crushed materials, Two-stage cycle crush process, crush clean and grading process

Type SFJH80×2d SFJH100×2d SFJH130×2d SFJH150×2d
Power (Kw) 1.5 1.5 3 4
Capacity (t/h) 4-6 5-8 8-15 12-20

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