TDSL Series Removable Gluey-Belt Conveyor


(1) It is the new generation of good Gluey-Belt Conveyor which can be used with bulk and bag transportation.

2) The shelf adapts steel pipe welding structure which


TLSS Series Screw Conveyor



(1) According to different purpose, it can be used for both flat transportation and vertical transportation. It can be made with same diameter and distance, many outlets.


TGSU Series U Type Scraper Conveyor



It is self-clean Scraper Conveyor which has advantages of large capacity and residual free. It is used in flat transportation or declining transportation which is less than 15°.


TDTG Series Bucket Elevator


It is the new generation of elevator in China which is installed with examination hole and tension device. It has advantages of large capacity and stable performance.


Automatic Feeding Funnel


There is negative pressure on the feeding mouth and there is no dust.

Workers just need to offer the feeding signal one time. The funnel will automatically run, feeding and back to original position.

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