Feed Conveyor

TDTG Series Bucket Elevator

feed elevator

1)It is the new generation of elevator in China which is installed with examination hole and tension device. It has advantages of large capacity and stable performance.

2)The head wheel is covered with glue which can increase the efficiency. The bottom wheel has fence structure which can effectively prevent that materials are sticky with belt and deflection

3)The root of machine adapts

4)It is the Elevator equipment which is widely used in domestic market. It is used to vertical transport different kinds of powder and pellets materials.


Type TDTG26/18 TDTG36/23 TDTG36/28 TDTG48/23 TDTG48/28
Power (Kw) Base on the height.
Capacity (t/h) 5-8 10-25 20-40 30-35 40-45

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