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Liquid Adding System

TJY Series Liquid Adding System:

TJY Liquid Adding System

Single Pump Double Pump Flow Metering Double Pump Weigh Metering
STJS30 STJS50 STJL50*2 STJL60*2 STJC50*2 STJC60*2
Capacity(L/M) 30 L/M 50 L/M 50 L/M 60 L/M 50 L/M 60 L/M
Power(KW) 1.5 3.0 3.0+2.2 4.0+3.0 3.0+2.2 4.0+3.0

1. Automated controls, precise (adding precision < within 1% accuracy) and reliable.  
2. Widely used for adding noncorrosive liquids such as fat and oil into a batch mixer.
3. Equipped with double line filtration system with a non-interfering method of pollution discharge.