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Raw Material Receiving System

Components and Process

In the feed mill plant, receiving raw material is an important procedure before pelletizing. The raw material receiving system includes: Screw Conveyor, Pulse Dust Collector, and Distributor. The way that deals with raw materials can have a great impact on the process of pelletizing and the effect of feed. The running of raw material receiving system realizes the conveying raw materials, removing impurities, and categorizing materials.

Raw Material Receiving System

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  1. 1. It can preprocess raw materials automatically, which save the labor cost.
  2. 2. It is easy to be operated and maintained, and high efficient.
  3. 3. It puts raw materials into distributor according to different kinds, which will save time and cost during processing.
  4. 4. Its compact sturcture saves occupy space.


  1. 1.Improve the quality of raw material.
  2. 2.Get rid of impurities effectively.
  3. 3.Lessen wear and lengthen the life of equipments.
  4. 4.Realizing the one-step procedure.