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Feed Mill Equipment of Pelletization: Animal Feed Mills

Feed Machinery - For those looking to establish a complete animal feed mill, KMEC produces a comprehensive selection of feed machinery. Special technologies are applied in the manufacture of animal feed mills for cattle, pigs, sheep, chickens, ducks, fish, shrimp, and turtles, and even pet food for dogs and cats. Besides feed machinery, our products range from grain processing equipment to new energy machinery and include biomass pellet mills and wood pellet mills.

The feedstock crumbler is one of the main pieces of equipment in the complete feed mill set. Others include the hammermill, mixer, extruder, feed pellet mill, dryer, cooler, packing scales as well as other feed mill equipments. Our experienced technical staff are able to provide suitable designs for complete plants of any capacity. From the silo, to pretreatmnet of the raw material, to crushing, mixing, drying, pelletization, cooling, and packing, to solutions for the disposal of wastes, we provide detailed designs to ensure the success of your next feed project.

Animal Feed Mill Equipment: Feed Pellet Applications

Feed Machinery Applications - The applications of feed pellets have greatly expanded in recent years. Pellets are easy to transport and provide condensed nutrition for animals. When processed, feed pellets confer greater cleanliness and convenience to the feedlot. KMEC’s high quality feed pellet mills make durable pellets with a lustrous surface.

Industries that Utilize Feed Machinery - The pellets feed mill—in addition to its agricultural applications in the production of animal feed, such as a poultry feed mill —is also utilized in other industries such as chemicals and pharmaceuticals. As the demands of the market become more stringent, greater benefits can be obtained from the densification and pelletization of varieties of feedstock. The KMEC feed pellet mill has increased the productivity of many industries in locations worldwide.