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Bagging System for Feed Mill


Bagging system is the final process during the whole procedure. Through bagging, you can store feed pellets well to avoid pellets from affecting with damp.


From the finished product bins there are a wide number of available options for storing or bagging the feed. If finished feed is for own use the feed will be transfered to the storage location.

Picture of  Packing Machine


For larger scale operations feed will either be bulk transport, loading directly onto trucks or ships or it will be packed into bags. Packaging systems are available in both manual and automatic form. For the manual system, the feed is deposited into bags positioned on a weighing scale, and release is done upon a manual gate.

An automatic system would normally comprise of a computer controlled system, where the finished feed is weighed by the computer, then pneumatically discharge into the bags. Weighed bags would then travel along a conveyor where machines are available for sewing the tops of the bags in which dry feed may be placed for storage.
belt-conveyor  bagging-machine bagging


By applyiing to the bagging system, you can realize effective transportation or storage for feed pellets, which prevent the pellets becoming damp ,or becoming wear and tear.