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Batching System for Feed Mill


Batching is the process in feed production normally happening between the grinding of ingredients and the mixing of the feed. It can include bucket elevator, vertical spout magnet, and mixer. Among them, the mixer is the most important spare part for batching.

batching-system  mixer

Working Principle

This system comprises of storage bins over the mixer, and a scaling system for the accurate weighing of batches/doses of feed. It also achieves process automation with sensors to fill bins to required levels.

Automation is achieved through the implementation of an automatic batching system, which is also available in smaller form as a micro ingredients batching system. An automatic batching system differs when it requires a great deal more space. Normally 8-12 bins are positioned over the mixer, in which different ingredients used in the feed are kept. Through the use of process automation and feed formulation set, the measuring (dosing/batching) of each ingredient is under control from the control room via a computer.


The automation of this system improves productivity and increases both precision and output. With the system automated, the next batch can be well prepared when the prior batch is being mixed in the mixer. The efficiency is greatly increased. And this batching system can proportion the ingredients scientifically with advanced technology.

About the Products

Advantages of the automated batching feed mill are obviously in the reduced need for labor, higher productivity and higher accuracy in measurements. On the other hand, the size and expense of the automated batching system may be out of reach for some feed producers.