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Chicken Feed Mill

How Can You Save Money on Chicken Feed?

A normally-maturing chick (i.e., breeds which mature in about 6 months, such as egg-layers) will eat about 2 pounds of starter feed in its first 6 weeks of life. A Cornish-cross breed, however, which is used for meat (such as feeding of chicken in broiler cages), will need about 8 pounds of starter feed in its first 6 weeks of life.and the chicken  grow extremely rapidly and you need more and more fodder to feed you chicken,this is means you will pay for much money on chicken feed.

Chicken Feed Mill Help You!

Steps In Feed Production of Chicken Feed Mill
Chicken Feed Mill 1. Raw material weighing (simply measuring that the right amount of each ingredient is being made)
2. Raw material grinding
- Use of hammer mill on dry ingredients
3. Mixing of ingredients and other fluids

Converting to pellet for: Optional, but convertint to pellet from mash can have many benefits to the chickens, including
- reduced feed loss during feeding
- reduced dustiness from grinded ingredients
- Possibly increased feed intake for chickens

Main Technical Data of Chicken Feed Mill:

Model Motor power(kw) Feeding motor power(kw) Capacity(t/h) Die diameter()mm Pellet diameter(mm)
KMPM25 7.5*2 0.75+0.55 1-2 250 4-8
KMPM35 37 0.75+0.55 3-5 320 4-8
KMPM42 55 0.75+0.75 5-10 350 4-8

Advantage of Chicken Feed Mill:

◆Easy Operation

◆Low Consumption

◆Competitive Price

◆Homemade By Yourself

◆CE & ISO9001 Certification


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