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feed mill production

Feed mill production has been conducted for a long history. Along with the development of animal husbandry, the requirement of improving traditional feed mill is strong. To meet the need of current market, our company develops a series of new type feed mill and its matching products.

As we all know, different feed materials are needed for providing livestock balanced nutrition. Usually, we apply alfalfa, soybean, grain, bran, etc. as raw material. To pelletize them into feed, you should crush them into small particles. And then you should mix them according to the ingredients and quantity that have been standardized to provide a full nutrition for animal growth.

alfalfa pellet machine grain

Feed mills of our company are mainly the flat die pellet mill which processing pellets by compressing feed materials in the die to form compacted columned pellets. The operation of it is easy. You just need to put the particles of raw material that have been matched well to the feeder hopper, and then they will enter the space between rollers and the die. When they get out of the discharge hole, feed pellets have been finished with a slippery skin and uniform size.

feed mill production feed pellet mill

Specialized in pelletizing machineries for more than ten years, our company can offer you a complete feed mill production line, or equipments that you need. Just own it, and you will get the perfect performance of our products. Welcome to contact us.