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Crushing System for Feed Mill


Crushing System for Feed Mill, just as its name suggested, is for crushing raw materials into particles. For feed, as we all know, different feed are for different animals, so that ingredients and quantity of dosing should also differ according to feeding objects and purposes. Then products will have a great impact on the effect of the final feed pellets. For example, coarse cereal grains and corn require particle size reduction which will improve the performance of the ingredient and increase the nutrition value. With our crushing system, there are many ways to achieve the particle sizes reduction.

Crushing System

crusher  crushing-system


Both hammer mill and rolling can achieve the desired result of adequately ground ingredients, but other factors also need to be considered before choosing the suitable method to grind. Excessive size reduction can lead to waste of electrical energy, unnecessary wear on mechanical equipment and possible digestive problems in livestock and poultry. Thinking of this problem, our crushing system can not only crush raw materials into particles, but also grind them with different sizes based on feed purposes and characteristics of raw materials.

Raw Materials

Adopted the simens motor and imported bearings, hammer mill can work with a wide range of raw materials. It is capable of grinding wood chips, rice husk, straw, sunflower, grass, stalk, EFB, and many other materials.


  1. Simple operation
  2. Low noise
  3. Adjustable fineness and accuracy
  4. High output
  5. Long life span