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Feed Mill Equipment

Feed mill equipment is the most important equipment during pelletizing process. Our GC-MZLH-Series feed mill equipment includes feeder, conditioner ,gear box, ring die, lubricate system. By the moveable screw of feeder, the dried material is transferred into the conditioner. The moisture content is the most important element to pelletize good quality feed pellet, so the conditioner is also very crucial to soften the raw material by water or steam. After softening the raw material, the suitable raw material is sent to the feed mill China chamber by imperative feeder, when the roller is moving in the feed mill equipment chamber, it makes the raw material inletting the holes in the ring die and form the pellet. After pelletizing, the length of the pellet can be cut according to the user's request.


Feed Mill Equipment


Feed Mill Equipment



        Model: GC-MZLH508

        Capacity: 2000-2500kgs/hour

        Power: 138.80kw

        Measurements: 340x130x180cm, 340x150x180cm

        Feature: Gear transmission and with conditioner





Feed Mill Equipment For Sale Special Features:

● Has belt driven or gear driven;
● Skf bearing;auto-adjusting feeding;
● Adopting steam adjusting system;
● Auto-adjust steam inlet;
● 24 hours continously working.
● Volume of the conditioner is dia 320x2000mm;
● Conditioner is made by stainless steel;
● Access door at side;
● This design is easy to exam