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Hammer Mill

The application of hammer mill is for crushing raw materials into appropriate sizes, so that the raw materials can be processed into pellets effectively and smoothly, rather than blocks the machine.

SFSZ Series Vibrating Hammer Mill:

Hammer Mill.jpg

Model Capacity(t/h) Power(KW) Note
SFSZ70*75 75/90 5.5-6.5 Diameter of the screen:1.2mm
Material: corn at a MC 13%
SFSZ130*75 160/200 11-15 Diameter of the screen:1.2mm
Material: corn at a MC 13


  1.  Crushing raw materials such as corn, cotton-seed waste and bean waste. 95% reduced to a size of 60 mesh, without blockage.
  2. Production is highly efficient. A vibrating screen increases efficiency by 20-30%. From experimentation, the use of a 75KW vibrating hammer mill, 5.5KW impulse fan, and a mesh diameter of 1.2 mm raises the capacity to crush corn to 6 t/h. Degree of fineness:98% at 24 mesh(0.85mm), 80% at 65 mesh,49% at 80 mesh.
  3. Auxiliary facilities are the same as in an ordinary water drip hammer mill. These can be added without increasing power requirements, thereby making it easier to update an old machine.
  4. The machine is stable and reliable. The vibrating screen is easily replaced.

999 Series Teardrop Hammer Mill:

999 hammer mill

Model 999-I 999-II 999-III 999-IV
Capacity(t/h) 12-15 25-35 38-50 52-70
Power(KW) 75/90 110/132 200/220 250/315
Weight(kg) 2810-3200 3600-3800 4200-4400 4900-5400


1. Characterized by a teardrop-shaped crushing chamber,and double crushing design with 25% more capacity in comparison to a normal hammer mill. The distance of the blades is adjustable. This machine can be used for both normal crushing and fine crushing.
2. Equipped with a side door with fastener to easily repair and maintain the machine.
3. Seals provide a safe and environmentally friendly work area.
4. Features high-precision balancing equipment to reduce noise and increasing the life span of the bearings.
5. Has an adjustable speed feeder.Belt-conveyor feeders or frequency-controlled screw feeders are optional.
6. Hammer mill is used in livestock and poultry feed equipment, aquatic product manufacturing facilities,and alcohol plants, citric acid plants and food product plants.