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Poultry Feed Equipment

KMEC always endeavored to improve the quality of product and aims to meet the new requirements of international market. As a machinery company, it specializes in complete feed machinery, complete compound fertilizer equipments, gasifier equipments for coal (bioenergy, such as wood), pellet machinery, and various drying equipments, designing, manufacturing, installation, debugging, serving of briquettes machinery and the like. In order to guarantee the high class products domestically, numerical controlled cutting machine, digital controlled drill and automatic submerged arc welding machine, shot blast and painting line, together with other advanced equipments have been widely adopted. Apart from all this technical and facility assurance, the two new products experimental bases assure the quality of products through practical test in advance.

Specifications of Poultry Feed Equipment:
1.Save labor force
2.Easy to operate
3.High Steady Performance
4.Low maintain cost