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feed mill production
Feed mill production has been conducted for a long history. As the development of animal husbandry, the requirement of improving traditional feed mill is strong.
feed pellet machine
Biofuel making machine is used for processing organic matter into pellets with high calorific value that can replace fossil fuel as a green energy.
livestock feed milling equipment
Our livestock feed milling equipment is characterized by these high efficiency, strong durability, easy operation and maintenance, good security, and long usage life.
cattle feed machinery
Cattle feed machinery is one type of machineries that our company have developed. It is used for processing raw materials into pellets as the feed of cattle.
chicken feed machinery
KMEC have specialized in pellet machinery production for over ten years. Among different pelleting machinery, chicken feed machineries are one type of our major products.
feed milling machinery
KMEC is a specialized and experienced company of providing high quality feed milling machinery. Feed pellets produced are available for different kinds of animal.