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feed mill machines

Are You Looking For the Right Feed Machines Manufacturer and Supplier ?
The feed mill machines is a machine that will help you save on your energy bill by making your own pellets. It is hard to choose a right feed mill machines from numerous feed mill designs available. Important considerations include: target production capacity, budget and planned application. These factors determine whether you require a flat die feed mill machines or a ring die feed mill machines. Mail us for our free guide!
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Over 20 years we have accumulated sufficient experience and knowledge in producing feed mill machines which is intended for manufacturing of pellets from wood sawdust,straw,and etc.As One of the Best Feed Machines Manufacturers and Suppliers we give a full set of services,including consultation on pellets technologies and manufacturing,delivery,installation,guarantee and after sales service.
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Feed Mill Plant
         ● Modle: KMPM42

         ● Power: 110kw

         ● Capacity: 3-12kg/hr

         ● Diameter of Pellet(mm): φ2-8