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feed mill process

Having developed for a long history, feed pellet mill are required to improve for meeting current market’s need. Accordingly, our company develops various types of feed pellet mill for processing good quality feed pellets. Feed mill process is easy and convenient if you apply our products.

feed mill process

Raw material for feed can be the food grain and the crushed waste from agriculture for example, corn straw, groundnut shell, grass, wheat bran and animal manure, etc. Before the feed mill process, you should crush the raw material into particles to ensure the pelletizing effect. The ingredients and quantity of raw material should also be taken into consideration to promise the nutrition value of feed pellets.

groundnut shell wheat bran

Our Feed Pellet Mill is featured by high efficiency, high productivity, and low energy consumption. We developed much advanced technology to make our products beyond compare in the world. With a feed pellet mill, dry in and dry out of materials can be realized. The technology of compressing pellets solves problems like the adding quantity of raw material is small, the hardness of pelletizing is large, and shaping effect is not good.

feed pellet

Features of Feed Pellets Produced
  1. Easy to be digested by livestock;
  2. Getting rid of animals’ piddling;
  3. Balancing the nutrition content.
  4. Heat treated pellets can make animals avoid some disease.