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feed milling plant

Are You Hoping to Build a Feed Milling Plant of Yourself?
We  Will Make Your Dream Come True!
Henan Kingman M&E Complete Plant Co., Ltd(KMEC) mainly charges in the field of exporting complete projects of oil plant, flour plant and feed milling plant, and engaging in external economic and technical cooperation. The complete sets had been developed a lot during 2006 to 2009.
Years of practical experiences made us built up a stronger corporation and our company has already built long time relationship with many other professional equipment manufacturers, formed a very perfect supplier net. So that if you are hoping to build a feed milling plant of yourself,no doubt we are the most trusted feed mill machinery supplier.
We offers tailor-made turkey solutions to the clients’ right from designing and erection to commissioning and maintenance. All these are in order to make sure that you will be offered the best equipments to build your feed milling plant.most sturdy quality and sincerest service will certainly make us partners.
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Feed Pellet Mill    
Model Capacity(t/hr) Power(KW) Pellet Diameter(mm)
KMPM25 0.5-1.5 7.5*2 φ2-8
KMPM35 2-8 55 φ2-8
KMPM42 3-12 110 φ2-8
KMPM520 4-20 132/160 φ2-8