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straw feed mill

Maybe You Have Wearied Work for Your Boss.You Now just Want to be a Boss of Your Own!Why don't Build a Straw Feed Mill?
Over 20 years we have accumulated sufficient experience and knowledge in producing pellet press which is intended for manufacturing of pellets from straw,wood sawdust,and etc.We give a full set of services,including consultation on pellets technologies and manufacturing,delivery,installation,guarantee and after sales service.
No one can help you to build a straw feed mill but ourself!
What's more?You can now mail us for free guide,we will reply immediately.
Maybe You Already Have a Straw Feed Mill.Don't you want to Increase your business?
Years of practical experiences made us built up a stronger corporation. The core advantage of our company refers to the accumulation of capital, aptitude, talent, technology, management and so on. What’s more?Our company has already built long time relationship with many other professional equipment manufacturers, formed a very perfect supplier net. 

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